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Volume 112, Number 7 (2010)

by Xiaodong Lin & John D. Bransford
This study examined the affects on students of exposure to two types of background knowledge about a problem case that involved a disconnection between a foreign college professor and her students.
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by Nadine Dolby
Through an instrumental case study of the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO), this article examines the practices of internationalization at the University of Cape Town from 1996 to 2006. The office’s struggle to balance internationalization and national transformation illuminates the tensions and contradictions inherent in the field of international higher education globally.
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by Leigh A. Hall
This article reports on the findings from a cross-case analysis that examined the actions and decisions that three middle school struggling readers and their respective content-area teachers made in relation to the reading task demands of their classrooms over a period of one academic year. The findings suggest that the students’ opportunities to develop as readers were marginalized by both themselves and their teachers.
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by Gadi Alexander, Isabelle Eaton & Kieran Egan
The article describes three ways in which students’ ready engagement in, and quick learning when playing, electronic games have been assumed to provide useful guidance to educators. The authors argue that the least commonly used mode of inference from gaming to education is the only one to hold out significant promise.
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by Geraldine McDonald
This article argues that the historical reduction of age at grade level in the 20th century has interacted with test scores that take age into account, resulting in a rise in IQ scores in school populations.
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by Amy Noelle Parks
This ethnographic study explores the role that implicit and explicit questions played in encouraging mathematical thinking in a diverse elementary mathematics class taught by a reform-oriented teacher in an urban school.
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by Thomas B. Timar & Kris Kim Chyu
This article examines state policy strategies in California to improve student achievement in the state’s lowest-performing schools.
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by Jianzhong Xu
This study tests empirical models of variables posited to predict homework distraction at the secondary school level.
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