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Volume 112, Number 6 (2010)

by Prudence L. Carter
This article examines the difference in cultural flexibility, or the propensity to move across different cultural and social peer groups and environments, between black and white students enrolled in either majority-minority or majority-white schools. Results show associations among race, self-esteem, academic and extracurricular placement, and cultural flexibility by school context.
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by Robert Teranishi & Tara L. Parker
This study responds to a critical need for research that provides an evidentiary basis for policy, law, and social change. The premise for the current study is to provide new perspectives for understanding problems in California that policy and practices can target to improve educational opportunities and outcomes in the state. Whereas previous studies have been interested in the factors associated with attending either the University of California as a whole or a specific campus within the UC system, this study takes one step further by examining the extent to which both the UC system and individual UC campuses enroll first-time freshman from high schools that vary by racial composition.
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by Pat Rubio Goldsmith
Despite a powerful civil rights movement and legislation barring discrimination in housing markets, residential neighborhoods remain racially segregated. To a considerable extent, residential segregation is perpetuated across generations: people who grow up in segregated neighborhoods tend to also live in them as adults. I examine whether segregation in schools and colleges contributes to the intergenerational transmission of residential locations in terms of racial composition.
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by Jomills Henry Braddock II & Amaryllis Del Carmen Gonzalez
This study examines the relationship between social cohesion and social isolation at the institutional level in schools and neighborhoods using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen.
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by Elizabeth Stearns
This article applies perpetuation theory to the study of workplace racial isolation. Findings suggest that exposure to other racial groups in high school for African American and White students reduces their racial isolation in the workplace in the years following high school.
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by Ryan Wells
This article explores the effect that the proportion of children of immigrants in a school has on all students’ expectations and examines the differential effects of school composition on the expectations of children of immigrants as compared with nonimmigrants.
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by David J. Armor & Stephanie Duck O'Neill
The article discusses Justice Kennedy’s unique views in the Seattle school desegregation decision and tries to clarify the relationship between social science evidence on desegregation benefits and the requirements of narrowly tailored remedies.
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