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Volume 112, Number 12 (2010)

by Marisa Cannata
This article examines the processes by which teacher applicants find teaching positions and seeks to understand how teachers come to work in particular schools by developing a theoretical conception of the teacher job search process informed by Bourdieu’s cultural reproduction theory and theories of action. Longitudinal survey and interview data shed light on how teacher applicants’ social and cultural backgrounds influence job search decisions.
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by Peter Demerath , Jill Lynch, H. Richard Milner IV, April Peters & Mario Davidson
Intended to deepen our understanding of the role of education in the perpetuation of social inequality, this article describes an integrated cultural system dedicated to individual advancement in a U.S. suburb and public high school.
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by Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman & Bridget K. Hamre
This article expands current approaches used to predict teacher quality and calls for future research on teacher quality that incorporates interdisciplinary perspectives, drawing from both psychological and developmental science.
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by Laura Desimone & Daniel A. Long
This study contributes to understanding the school’s role in inequality by investigating the extent to which specific aspects of teacher and teaching quality influence student mathematics achievement growth and the achievement gap between White and Black students and low- and high-SES students in kindergarten and first grade, using a nationally representative sample of students, the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS).
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by Margy McClain
This article explores the experiences of one Mexican American family as they make a key curriculum choice for their 9-year-old son (between bilingual and English-only schooling). A phenomenological analysis suggests that educational practice and policy reject deficit theories of immigrant parents, acknowledge their roles as strong, positive, active agents on behalf of their children, and develop home–school dialogue based on mutual respect.
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by A. Lin Goodwin
Using postcolonial theory as an analytic lens, this article theorizes (Asian) American education framed by three curricular contexts in the United States: the No Child Left Behind Act (2001), culturally relevant pedagogy, and the “model minority” mythology.
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