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Volume 112, Number 1 (2010)

by David T. Hansen
This article elucidates a long-standing strand of cosmopolitan thought and conduct, one rooted in everyday life experience, and outlines its implications for educational thought and practice today.
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by Anthony L. Brown & Keffrelyn D. Brown
Drawing from an extensive analysis of the most recently adopted elementary and secondary social studies textbooks in the state of Texas, this article examines the knowledge constructed about racial violence and African Americans in the United States.
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by Motoko Akiba
This study examined individual and school factors associated with 15-year-olds’ fear of school violence using U.S. data from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).
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by Valerie Kinloch
This article examines perceptions of language by two African American teenage males, Phillip and Khaleeq, who travel between the intricacies of Black English and Academic English in their daily lives. In this examination, the article engages in a historical framing of language rights issues as related to the policy resolution Students’ Right to Their Own Language to argue that classrooms should be more responsive to students’ languages and identities.
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by Keith C. Barton & Alan W. McCully
In this research, the authors sought to understand how students make sense of competing approaches to history, and in particular, how they understand the relationship between the approaches they encounter in school and elsewhere.
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by Chen Schechter
This study represents a pioneer attempt to investigate a school improvement process that incorporates the notion of learning from success as a collective learning mechanism for developing a professional learning community. This case study examined the evolving stages of a collective learning-from-success process at one comprehensive (middle and secondary) public school that participated in a national program aiming to foster ongoing collective professional learning.
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by Ilana Seidel Horn
This article explores the intersection of teacher learning and collegial interactions, reporting findings from a highly collaborative, improvement-oriented high school mathematics department. The author identifies discourse structures important to the representation and exploration of problems of practice.
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by Josipa Roksa & Juan Carlos Calcagno
This article examines the role of academic preparation in the transition from community colleges to four-year institutions, and, in particular, the ability of community colleges to mitigate the negative effects of inadequate academic preparation.
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by Marvin Lynn, Jennifer Nicole Bacon, Tommy L. Totten, Thurman L. Bridges, III & Michael E. Jennings
The article draws on the critical race studies in education and teacher quality literature to examine how teachers in a low-performing high school attempt to explain the widespread academic failure experienced by their African American male students.
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by George Theoharis
This article focuses on six principals who saw injustice being perpetuated for marginalized students and worked to change that reality. This piece uses voices from principals as they describe the strategies they used to improve their schools and advance social justice.
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