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Volume 111, Number 9 (2009)

by Pamela Grossman, Christa Compton, Danielle Igra, Matthew Ronfeldt, Emily Shahan & Peter Williamson
This study investigates how people are prepared for professional practice in the clergy, teaching, and clinical psychology.
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by Xin Ma
This research examines the relationship between mathematics and science coursework patterns among high school graduates using data from the 2000 High School Transcript Study.
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by Kate Parry
This article tells of the establishment and growth of a library in a rural area of southern Uganda. The library has provided a base for research on literacy practices and has encouraged both local people and foreign visitors to invest in village development projects.
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by Annie Georges
This article shows how instruction benefits poor students and students in high-poverty classrooms. However, instruction plays a modest role in the quest to minimize the poverty score gap in mathematics.
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by Penny Haworth
This inquiry provides insights into how teachers evolve working theories and practices for a few students in their mainstream classes who have English as an additional language (EAL). The findings suggest that a broader sociocultural approach to EAL pedagogy may be needed if teacher educators are to assist class teachers in accessing and effectively adapting relevant pedagogical frameworks to meet the demands of their specific contexts.
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by Mark R. Warren, Soo Hong, Carolyn Heang Rubin & Phitsamay Sychitkokhong Uy
Presenting the results of case study research on collaborations between community-based organizations and public schools, this article identifies a relational approach to parent engagement that can lead to broader and deeper participation by low-income families in the life of public schools.
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by Mark E. Engberg & Gregory C. Wolniak
This article proposes a series of statistical models to understand the college choice process and explores the possibility that the process and underlying factors that influence matriculation may differ depending on one's racial group membership.
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by Esther Prins & Kai A. Schafft
This article uses interview data to analyze how family literacy practitioners articulate individual versus structural explanations of poverty and adult persistence in family literacy programs. Contrasting practitioner explanations with the views and experiences of adult learners, we argue that individualistic explanations and the "culture of poverty" framework continue to shape professional discourse within family literacy.
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