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Volume 111, Number 7 (2009)

by Louise Jennings & Heidi Mills
This longitudinal study combines two related ethnographic data sets to examine how teachers and students at a public magnet elementary school coconstructed a discourse of inquiry that supported students as thoughtful, engaged learners and community members.
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by M. Kate Callahan & Donalda Chumney
Callahan and Chumney use a comparative case study approach to examine the experiences and outcomes of remedial writing students enrolled in two urban public institutions: a community college and a research university. Applying Bourdieu’s theory of practice, this ethnographic study reveals that institutions further determine the advantage or disadvantage of remedial students by controlling their access to cultural capital, which is critical for navigating the field of higher education successfully.
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by Sean P. Kelly & Julianne Turner
The authors review research concerning the effects of activity structure on the engagement of low-achieving students, with an emphasis on forms of whole-class instruction that promote student engagement.
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by Mavis G. Sanders
This article reports findings from a case study of district leadership for school, family, and community partnerships in an urban system in the northeast United States. Analyses suggest that collaboration between the district’s office of parent involvement and a community-based organization (CPIO) has helped to support and sustain school, family, and community partnerships as a reform initiative in the district for nearly a decade.
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by Curt Dudley-Marling
This article reports an interview study examining the perceptions of school-to-home literacy practices held by African American and immigrant ESL parents in two urban communities in the northeastern United States.
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by Sara Hennessy & Rosemary Deaney
This article describes and reflects on a collaboration between practitioners and researchers engaged in analyzing video recordings of classroom practice through applying and recontextualizing key constructs from sociocultural theory.
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by Benjamin Michael Superfine & Roger D. Goddard
Courts ruling in several recent school finance reform cases have begun to experiment with new types of remedial orders requiring the implementation of particular educational programs or systems of governance. This study examines and analyzes this trend by focusing on the judicial consideration of remedial orders to implement preschool programs in two major school finance cases in New Jersey and North Carolina.
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by Dana L. Mitra
By examining 13 programs aimed at increasing student voice in school reform, this article examines conditions that enable and constrain the sustainability of this challenging form of educational change. The data indicate that the persistence of an effort after the initial influx of funds and support disappears and usually requires ongoing support from an intermediary organization—an organization located outside the auspices of school walls.
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