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Volume 111, Number 5 (2009)

by James S. Damico & Cheryl L. Rosaen
This study examines how a group of fifth graders and their teacher created and navigated an epistemological pathway as they explored their ideas about the meaning(s) of freedom. Findings from this study show how dialogic literature discussions can help us see children and teachers as intimately involved in the exploration and coconstruction of knowledge and ways of knowing fundamental to developing an informed, critical citizenry.
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by Chrystalla Mouza
This qualitative case study investigates the longitudinal impact of research-based professional development on teacher learning and practice with respect to technology. It also examines the conditions that facilitate or hinder teachers’ capacity for change and the process by which changes in knowledge, practices, and beliefs occur over time.
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by Michele Gregoire Gill & Bobby Hoffman
The purpose of our study was to investigate teacher talk during shared planning time to provide insight into the rationales behind teachers’ decision making that may be related to their underlying beliefs about subject matter, teaching, learning, and their students. This study supported our hypothesis that teachers’ collaborative planning time discourse provides a unique lens for understanding teachers’ beliefs.
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by Spyros Konstantopoulos
This study examines the Asian–White achievement gap at various quantiles of the reading and mathematics achievement distributions. Results indicate that Asian students outperformed their White peers in mathematics across the entire range of the distribution and over time, whereas high-achieving Asian students outperformed their White peers in reading in the 1990s.
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by Ching Sing Chai & Seng Chee Tan
In this case study, the knowledge-building community (KBC) model was adopted for the professional development of 7 Singaporean teachers. The teachers’ patterns of online interactions were analyzed using social network analysis and the interaction analysis model. The findings indicate that the teachers formed a socially cohesive community and participated rather actively, with a healthy distribution of online posts at various phases of knowledge construction.
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by Paul E. Heckman & Viki L Montera
In this article, we argue that schooling and school reform in the 21st century continues to be approached as if it were a flatworm capable of replicating itself. These reform efforts in today’s No Child Left Behind environment reify static ideas about schooling, resulting in organizational entropy. Instead, we present the process of Indigenous Invention as one that holds promise in moving our schools from entropy to renewal. Indigenous Invention grows from new conceptions of learning, cognition, and development, and our work in schools and communities during the past 16 years. We end with a discussion of the crucial values, dispositions, and conditions that have been identified for promoting Indigenous Invention. Indigenous Invention provides educators opportunities to imagine and invent new practices and schools called for in this “flat world.”
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by David R. Garcia, Rebecca Barber & Alex Molnar
This study compares the academic achievement of education management organization-managed charter schools to other charter schools and traditional public schools in Arizona using student-level test scores to conduct separate analyses for basic skills and complex thinking skills in reading and mathematics.
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