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Volume 111, Number 12 (2009)

by Lisa Miller
This article is an introduction to the Teachers College Record special section, "Present to Possibility: The Classroom as a Spiritual Space."
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by Frances Schoonmaker
In this article, literature on children's spirituality is juxtaposed with the author's personal experiences as a classroom teacher and researcher to make an argument for public school classrooms as spiritual spaces.
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by Craig Richards
This article describes a pedagogical method of increasing the self-awareness of aspiring school leaders and analyzes student qualitative responses to their experiences, using NVivo qualitative data analysis.
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by Jeanette Sawyer Cohen & Lisa Miller
The study investigated a novel 6-week interpersonal mindfulness training (IMT) program modeled after the manualized mindfulness-based stress reduction, with an added emphasis placed on relational awareness. Results suggest that IMT with psychology graduate students is a feasible intervention that positively affects mindfulness, perceived stress, social connectedness, emotional intelligence, and anxiety.
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by Elizabeth Reid & Lisa Miller
This pilot study investigates the feasibility and acceptability of creating a more mindful classroom environment through the use of an interactive workbook for elementary school-age children. Participants were 4 teachers and 24 children in a summer program serving families of low socioeconomic status in Connecticut. Qualitative and quantitative data showed the mindfulness workbook to be readily accepted and successfully used, and to initiate a series of additional mindfulness practices by both teacher and students.
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by Lydia Y. Cho, Lisa Miller, Mark G. Hrastar, Nina A. Sutton & John Paul Younes
This study evaluated a 6-week synchronicity discussion group, Synchronicity Awareness Intervention (SAI), aimed at increasing awareness of synchronistic events and investigating the potential helpfulness for personal spirituality and mental health for graduate students in a Teachers College class. It showed promising support for the feasibility, acceptability, and potential helpfulness of an SAI in a group setting, suggesting that synchronicity awareness is a form of spiritual awakening that represents a powerful strategy for increasing personal spirituality and improving mental health.
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