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Volume 111, Number 11 (2009)

by Suzanne Eckes & Julie Swando
Using data from three different states, this article examines how students with disabilities as a subgroup have fared under the No Child Left Behind Act. This study found that schools in the three states studied fail to make annual yearly progress most often because of the students with disabilities subgroup.
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by Andy Hargreaves & Dennis Shirley
This manuscript illustrates how even a professionally sophisticated and well-conceptualized school reform network can exacerbate educatorsí tendencies to focus on short-term adjustments of their teaching rather than conceptualize and implement long-term, systemic reform. It advances a new tripartite disaggregation of presentism into endemic, adaptive, and addictive facets, arguing that the latter two have been especially virulent in the wake of the standards and accountability movements.
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by Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Jennifer Wooten, Mariana Souto-Manning & Jaime L. Dice
This article focuses on explicit arts-based approaches that the authors employed in a 3-year teacher education study of professional conflicts experienced by novice bilingual teachers. The authors describe how they used the literary and performing arts and to what end, addressing questions regarding processes, expertise, and validity in arts-based research.
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by Joelle Sano
Although much research has evaluated childrenís books for depictions of gender, little has centered on the portrayal of immigrants and social class. This investigation utilizes Bourdieuís theory of capital reproduction in education, Durkheimís conception of collective conscience and morals, and Bowles and Gintisís critique of schooling to evaluate these depictions and to investigate the functions of English language learner (ELL) education.
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by John P. Myers & Husam A. Zaman
This research explored the differences in beliefs that immigrant and dominant-culture youth hold about the relationship of global and national affiliations of citizenship. The results showed that adolescentsí background cultures were consequential to how they negotiated their beliefs about citizenship across multiple levels of affiliation.
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by Jim Garrison & A.G. Rud
This article defines reverence, explores it as a cardinal and forgotten virtue, considers how the virtue of reverence is supported by appropriate classroom ritual and ceremony, and discusses several examples of reverence and irreverence in classroom teaching.
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by William Gaudelli & Elizabeth Heilman
This article proposes that geography should reflect the interests of students and society and thus be what Dewey calls psychologized through a democratic vision of global citizenship education.
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by Michelle Knight-Diop & Heather A. Oesterreich
This study draws on multicultural feminist theories to examine the integral role of emotions as a site of knowledge in the complex social dynamics of a heterogeneous group of graduate students in education. Within a pedagogy of (dis)comfort and a pedagogy of challenge, four prevalent patterns of emotional selectivity reveal how emotions as a site of knowledge create possibilities of change and transformation as well as the maintenance of the status quo of educational inequalities.
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