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Volume 111, Number 1 (2009)

by Richard D. Osguthorpe
This article is a philosophical analysis of the relationship that is believed to obtain between the moral character of a teacher and the moral development of a student. It proposes three possible forms a relationship might take, contends that the relationship is indeterminate, and suggests implications for the study of moral education.
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by Daniel McFarland & Carlos E. Starmanns
This article describes how the organization of student councils varies across the nation by socioeconomic levels of student populations and by school charters. The authors find systematic disparities in the quality of student governments that possibly shape youths’ future attitudes about representative government.
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by Tatiana Melguizo & Alicia.C. Dowd
The main objective of this study is to compare the effect of being a successful community college “transfer” student instead of a “rising junior” in a 4-year college on bachelor’s degree attainment. Logistic regression is used to estimate the effect of being a transfer student, and the effects and interplay of factors such as socioeconomic background and institutional selectivity on bachelor’s degree completion are estimated. The results indicate no difference in baccalaureate attainment for transfers after accounting for state-level characteristics.
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by Tatiana Melguizo
This study contributes to the longstanding debate over whether community colleges democratize education or divert students from attaining a bachelor’s degree.
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by William R. Penuel, Margaret Riel, Ann E. Krause & Kenneth A. Frank
This article explores how social network analysis can help researchers studying teachers' professional interactions understand the internal structure of teacher communities and assess teachers' social capital for implementing ambitious reforms. Case study data from two schools in California illustrate how network data complement interview data to help explain the success or failure of reforms to take hold in schools.
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by Ernst Z. Rothkopf
The article proposes the development of a massive, goal-focused information resource, called a pedagogic information system (APIS), for teachers in critical courses. An APIS is seen as a loosely organized, highly redundant collection, in polymorphic digital forms, of explanations, demonstrations, simulations, interactive exercises, problems, examples, elaborations, and integrative expositions, as well as a deep, searchable information base.
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by Jonathan Cohen, Libby McCabe, Nicholas M. Michelli & Terry Pickeral
This article summarizes the glaring gap between school-climate-related research findings on the one hand, and educational policy, school improvement practice, and teacher education on the other.
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by Lorri J. Santamaria
This article makes a comparison between culturally responsive teaching and differentiated instruction, attempting to reconcile seemingly disparate emergent research-based teaching practices. Case study classroom scenarios are presented to provide examples of combined applications of both approaches.
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by Marc Lamont Hill
This article shows how Hip-Hop Lit operated as a space in which members offered and responded to various types of individual and group narratives through the practice of “wounded healing.” Through this practice, students were able to recognize the commonality of their experiences, challenge various ideologies, and produce new knowledge.
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