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Volume 110, Number 8 (2008)

by Betty Achinstein & Julia Aguirre
Drawing from a 3-year study of 15 new teachers of color in urban high-minority schools, this article examines the complexity of a “cultural match” between teachers and students of color. Findings highlight a new form of practice shock when students of color challenged their teachers’ cultural identifications and reveal how the new teachers of color drew on “emergent multicultural capital” to negotiate challenges in ways that shaped teaching practice.
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by Nancy Lesko, Jacqueline A. Simmons, Antoinette Quarshie & Nicki Newton
This article examines students’ strong responses to a doctoral core course that sought to initiate them into the competing theoretical, epistemological, and paradigmatic complexity of contemporary educational research.
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by Meca Williams, Dionne Cross, Ji Hong, Lori Aultman, Jennifer Osbon & Paul Schutz
This project was designed to develop an understanding of how teachers talk about emotional transactions in the classroom. This is a phenomenological study in that we assume there is some essence to classroom emotional experiences, and we seek to understand this essence from the teacher’s perspective. Our analysis suggests how teacher beliefs and teacher selves may be related to how these teachers approached emotion in the classroom. In addition, we discuss six ways in which these teachers approached emotional experiences during classroom transactions.
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by Spyros Konstantopoulos & Larry V. Hedges
This study uses two frameworks to evaluate the importance of school reform effects. The first framework evaluates school reform effects by comparing them to the achievement gap between important student groups, and the second framework evaluates school reform effects by comparing them to the achievement gap between schools. Results from analyses using NAEP data show that the most appropriate framework for judging school reform effects is the national distribution of school effects that can be used to define differences in achievement between schools.
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by Mary Louise Gomez, Terri L. Rodriguez & Vonzell Agosto
This article explores the life histories of two Latino/a prospective teachers in a large Midwestern university and illuminates their knowledge, strengths, and needs.
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by Karen Strobel, Ben Kirshner, Jennifer O'Donoghue & Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin
This study describes the features of after-school settings that are most appealing and engaging to youth growing up in low-income communities and highlights the important function that settings with such features play in adolescent development. Our qualitative investigation of a network of five after-school centers led us to identify and understand three features of these settings that were valuable to youth: supportive relationships with adults and peers, safety, and opportunities to learn.
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by Teresa Crawford
Using an ethnographic and critical discourse approach to examine the actions and interactions in an elementary classroom, this study reveals how a teacher and her students construct a cultural model of shared authority and the effects that this model has on opportunities for learning.
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