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Volume 110, Number 7 (2008)

by Anna Neumann, Aaron Pallas & Penelope Peterson
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by Lauren Jones Young
In 1994, the Spencer Foundation embarked on an ambitious experimental initiative to support the preparation of education researchers. This article traces the development of the Research Training Grant program, situating it in the longstanding commitment of the Spencer Foundation to promote high-quality education research and describing the purposes and practices of the program. Threaded through the discussion are endemic problems of doing research in education and the problems of schools of education in research universities, and the consequences that these both have for doctoral training in education schools.
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by Mary Leonard & Elizabeth Fennema
The University of Wisconsin-Madison participated with the Spencer Foundation in developing a model program for doctoral education called the Wisconsin-Spencer Doctoral Research Program (DRP). This article reports results of an evaluation of the program’s effectiveness in meeting its goals of educating selected students in interdisciplinary research and effecting change in the structure of doctoral education in participating departments. The study raises questions about the DRP’s development and implementation but concludes that the DRP was at least partially effective in meeting its goals.
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by Thomas A. Kecskemethy
The Research Training Grant (RTG) program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education aimed to create strong research training experiences for predissertation fellows through generous financial aid, mentored research apprenticeships, and cocurricular experiences. The article describes the aims and organization of the program and discusses strengths and challenges identified by students and faculty.
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by Aimée Dorr, Emily Arms & Valerie Hall
Using a value-added model, the experiences and performance of nine cohorts (n = 52) of UCLA education PhD students participating in the Spencer Foundation Institutional Research Training Grant (RTG) were assessed and compared with those of a matched comparison group.
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by Steven Weiland
Focusing on students in the middle years of their PhD programs, the Spencer Foundation-sponsored project at Michigan State University gave priority to mentoring and participation in communities of interest in the College of Education. As the project evolved, socialization into research careers and academic life also came to play a role in activities for fellows. Thus, experiences of learning and doing research were incorporated into the intellectual, professional, and social contexts of education.
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by Anna Neumann, Aaron Pallas & Penelope Peterson
This article looks across the introduction to the Spencer Foundation’s Research Training Grant (RTG) program and the four case studies assessing program implementation and impact. It discusses the importance of institutional context and history, curricular content, financial resources, and organizational structure. The article concludes with recommendations for the preparation of education researchers in graduate schools of education.
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