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Volume 110, Number 6 (2008)

by Sabrina Zirkel
The author argues that we have strong empirical evidence for the effectiveness of multicultural educational practices in achieving its goals of improved educational outcomes for students of color and improved intergroup relations. Moreover, multicultural educational practices are effective for all students, improvements in achievement and intergroup relations are linked, and these practices are most effective when implemented with thoughtful attention to issues of race and power.
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by Connie E. North
This article addresses the conflicted meanings and implications of “social justice” in the field of education.
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by Todd A. DeMitchell, Stephen Kossakoski & Tony Baldasaro
Superintendents are responding to the constitutionality of student drug-testing policies by implementing drug-testing programs. Are superintendents implementing drug-testing policies in response to recent court decisions that have allowed for the preemployment and the suspicionless drug testing of teachers? A mixed methodology was used to address the following questions: (1) Have school districts adopted a mandatory drug-testing policy, either preemployment or suspicionless, for teachers? (2) Do superintendents support a mandatory drug-testing policy, either preemployment or suspicionless, for teachers? (3) Do superintendents have differentiated support for preemployment and suspicionless drug-testing policies for teachers? This study found that superintendents believe that they have the authority, without offending the Constitution, to implement teacher preemployment and suspicionless drug-testing policies.
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by Amanda K. Kibler
This article analyzes the policies and rhetoric surrounding the use of German-language instruction before and during the World War I era, highlighting contemporary implications for the education of minority language speakers.
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by Tamara Holmlund Nelson, David Slavit, Mart Perkins & Tom Hathorn
This research examines what a group of professional development providers learned by engaging as a collaborative group conducting inquiry on the development and implementation of a professional development model. The research informs efforts to support secondary science and mathematics teachers using collaborative inquiry in professional learning communities.
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by Jeffrey L. Lewis & Eunhee Kim
This qualitative study examines whether oppositional attitudes toward learning prevail among African American children attending two low-income urban elementary schools in California. In addition, we examine how African American children’s beliefs about good teachers compare with what we document as good teaching.
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by Mark W Ellis
This inquiry raises questions about the manner in which the No Child Left Behind Act aims to improve mathematics education through continued reliance on standardized testing and mandated use of scientifically based teaching practices. Specifically, it is argued that this approach is tied to assumptions about intellectual ability and achievement that precipitated the dividing practices used to justify differential access to mathematics learning almost a century ago. An examination of so-called objective and scientific approaches to school mathematics suggests the need for more earnest reflection about the particular path toward educational progress privileged by this legislation.
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