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Volume 110, Number 5 (2008)

by Brian Yusko & Sharon Feiman-Nemser
This article uses data from two induction programs to explore the possibilities and pitfalls inherent in the ways mentor teachers incorporated assessment of new teachers into their work. We argue that it is not only possible to combine assistance and assessment, but that it is impossible to separate them and still take new teachers seriously as learners.
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by Tyrone C. Howard
This paper examines the utility of critical race theory as a conceptual and methodological framework to investigate the troubling schooling experiences of African American males in PreK-12 schools.
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by Stephen Samuel Smith, Karen M. Kedrowski, Joseph M. Ellis & Judy Longshaw
This case study distinguishes the different meanings of voluntary desegregation and shows how a southern district’s recent desegregation efforts were affected by a change in school board elections, a high school reassignment plan that benefited Blacks and working-class Whites, citizen participation in desegregation planning, and changes since the civil rights era in federal-local relations on desegregation issues. We also discuss the relation of the district’s experience to broader issues including the relative merits of race- versus class-based public policy, the possibility of a new politics of desegregation, and the Supreme Court’s consideration of voluntary desegregation.
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by Ronald D Owston , Margaret Sinclair & Herbert Wideman
An evaluation of a two-year professional development project for mathematics and science teachers in grades 6, 7, and 8 that blended face-to-face workshops with online sessions.
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by Michael Morris
This study examines the instructional practices observed in honors and non-honors French and Spanish classes at a Midwestern high school, as well as those factors reported by the teachers at that school as influencing those practices. Analysis revealed a statistically significant relationship between type of class and type of activity, with honors classes having more communicative activities. Teachers attributed differences to student expectations for the two levels, students’ level of motivation for language study, and their maturity level. Results generally mirrored those of previous studies that examined the use of tracking students by ability level in secondary school classrooms. Language educators are urged to reconsider differentiation of curriculum according to students' ability level for the profession's future viability.
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by Morgaen L. Donaldson, Susan Moore Johnson, Cheryl L. Kirkpatrick, William H. Marinell, Jennifer L. Steele & Stacy Agee Szczesiul
Drawing on interviews with 20 second-stage teachers (in their 3rd �10th year), this study examines the experiences of teachers who were relatively new to the teaching profession yet occupied positions that set them apart from their colleagues. We found that these teachers encountered resistance from their colleagues who invoked teaching�s traditional norms of autonomy, egalitarianism, and seniority in rebuffing the second-stage teachers� efforts to change their classroom practice.
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by Adam Lefstein
This article analyzes a series of televised reports on the teaching of reading in England to critically comment on the relationship between educational research, the media, and the treatment of educational problems in the public sphere.
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