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Volume 110, Number 2 (2008)

by Saran Donahoo
This article compares and analyzes national and institutional policies pertaining to the use of race and affirmative action programs in making admissions decisions within higher education in France and the United States.
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by Arun K. Ramanathan
In this analytic essay, the author conducts a comparative policy analysis of the federal role in the oversight and enforcement of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The author reviews the evolution of the oversight and enforcement mechanisms in the laws and compares their implementation by the Department of Education and the responses to this implementation. He concludes with a discussion of the implications of this analysis for the federal focus on improving educational outcomes.
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by Jerusha Osberg Conner
This article addresses the rise of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the United States by considering the implementation and implications of the program’s first principles in the context of the American high school. Because they are adopting the IB at increasing rates, urban high schools receive particular attention.
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by Linda A. Herrera
Humanistic education in the Middle East has been on the demise in past decades due to the intensification of political and economic injustices, the rise of nativism, sectarianism, and religious fundamentalisms, and the spread of neoliberal, or market driven educational reforms. By examining the life history and pedagogy of a music educator, an Egyptian Muslim violin teacher, this study addresses aesthetic education and ways in which a cosmopolitan polity can be cultivated and humanistic principles nurtured in the young, particularly during periods of conflict and struggles for democratic change.
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by Alberto Arenas
This analytic essay defends the inclusion of social justice and environmental sustainability in the theory and practice of vocational education.
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by Aaron Schutz
This article gives an overview of the history of the emergence of the middle and working classes in America and describes key characteristics of these cultures as they manifest themselves today. It then explores the effect of class culture on our conceptions of democracy.
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by Miriam B. Raider-Roth, Marta K. Albert, Ingrid Bircann-Barkey, Eric Gidseg & Terry Murray
This article investigates how teachers' relationships with boys can be central in bolstering boys' resilience and connection to their work in schools. Specifically, we examine how teachers understand the ways that their relationships with boys shape their teaching practice as well as their understandings of boys' learning in school. In order to examine the prevailing research questions, a Teaching Boys Study Group was formed, comprised of thirteen pre-K-12 teachers. These findings suggest that the ways teachers come into relationships with boys shapes and is shaped by the teachers' identity, the extent to which the boys express resistance to the school and classroom culture, and the forces of the school culture on both the teacher and the boy.
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by Joseph P. Viteritti
This commentary is a response to Benjamin Justice’s article “The Blaine Game”.
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