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Volume 109, Number 8 (2007)

by Yoram Harpaz
The objective of this commentary is to suggest a conceptual map of the field of teaching thinking in order to help those who want to understand and implement it know their way around.
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by Thomas V. O'Brien
Using historical methods and organizational theory, this essay examines the limitations of Brown v. Board of Education to alter the education enterprise and offer equity to students of color. The essay concludes with an outline of a theory for organizational change regarding how to realize the promises of Brown.
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by John Kornfeld, Karen Grady, Perry M. Marker & Martha Rapp Ruddell
This qualitative self-study examines the impact of California’s state-mandated revision of teacher education programs on a department’s—and individual faculty members’—approach to teacher education. In spite of claims by respondents that this process had little impact on their approach to teaching, the authors’ analysis of interview and conversational data and documents suggests otherwise. Faculty members’ increased use of technocratic language and terminology reflecting compliance with the new state standards reveals a substantive shift in the ways they think about what they do.
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by Ronald B. Jacobson
This piece is a philosophical/theoretical inquiry into current educational strategies aimed at eradicating bullying within schools, set against the backdrop of a sixth-grade bullying encounter. This article, broadening current understanding and response to bullying, is focused toward fostering more nuanced and effective anti-bullying strategies.
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by Christina L. Madda, Richard R. Halverson & Louis M. Gomez
This study explores the design process of how one urban school district developed and deployed a series of reports designed to communicate the results of student achievement testing across the district. The focus of this research is to understand the district’s efforts to design new programs that would fit coherently into existing initiatives in local schools.
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by John S. Wills
This article examines social studies curriculum and instruction in two teachers' classrooms at an elementary school where instructional time for social studies was reduced in response to state testing in language arts and mathematics. Findings suggest that the institution of an accountability system meant to improve teaching and learning is instead undermining teachers' efforts to enact a thoughtful social studies curriculum in their classrooms.
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by Morva A. McDonald
This article examines two social justice teacher education programs and considers teacher educators’ conceptions of social justice and the conditions that appeared to support their joint enterprise.
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