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Volume 109, Number 6 (2007)

by Michael Rebell
This article provides the first detailed analysis of judicial and academic critiques of the state of the art of “costing out” studies. Based on these critiques, it recommends explicit articulation of the premises behind the adoption of particular outcome standards, more precise means for identifying the extent to which students with special needs require extra resources, specific mechanisms to minimize political bias and political manipulations, and the use of “quality education models” to integrate efficiency and accountability considerations within the basic cost analysis.
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by Izhar Oplatka
The article presents the position of emotion management in the teacher’s role structure as a discretionary, voluntary-based role element rather than a prescribed one.
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by Wendy Hobbins McGrath
This article discusses the notion of parent-teacher partnerships in early childhood education and care, and presents findings from an ethnographic study of relationships between mothers and teachers in a child care center.
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by Elizabeth Spalding, Todd A. Savage & Jesus Garcia
The current article presents the results of a qualitative investigation into participant outcomes pertaining to a cross-cultural immersion experience in the area of the Holocaust. Specifically, through case study narratives, the authors discuss how participants related their exposure to the Holocaust through pretrip preparations and the trip itself to issues of diversity and social justice in their own backyards.
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by Denise S. Mewborn & David W. Stinson
The study reported in this manuscript documents and examines the interplay between novice teachers’ personal theories, their mathematics education coursework, and their field experiences, with particular attention to activities in the teacher education coursework and field experiences that were especially conducive to helping the novices examine their personal theories and implications for their teaching practices.
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by Seval Fer
The author investigates thinking styles among Turkish student teachers, within the framework of Sternberg's theory of mental self-government and determines if thinking styles of student teachers were differentiated, based on such socialization variables as gender, age, educational level, type of university attended, and field of study followed.
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by Heidi Lasley Barajas & Amy Ronnkvist
This article is an analysis of schools spaces as racialized; that is, taken-for-granted notions of race mediate the relationship between the school and the actors that comprise it. Data was gathered through fieldwork and interviews with Latino/a students who have had academic success.
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