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Volume 109, Number 2 (2007)

by Ratna Ghosh, Roslyn Arlin Mickelson & Jean Anyon
An introduction to the special issue on New Perspectives on Youth Development and Social Identity in the 21st Century.
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by Travis L. Gosa & Karl L. Alexander
Through an interpretative review of relevant literatures, this article examines family, neighborhood, school, and societal factors that pose formidable barriers to the academic and personal development of middle class African American youth, the closing of the black-white achievement gap, and the preservation of African American family advantage across generations.
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by Nura Resh & Claudia Dalbert
In light of gradesí instrumental, motivational, and symbolic saliency in studentsí school experience, this investigation focuses on gender differentials in sense of justice about grades, comparing high school students in two educational settings: Israel and Germany. Despite the strong norm of equitable distribution of grades, the pattern of results suggest that gender plays a role in both the allocation of this reward and the judgment of fair distribution, therefore affecting studentsí sense of (in)justice. Similarities as well as certain differences in the comparison of sense of justice of Israeli and German boys and girls are discussed in light of system-specific features.
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by Janice L. Bloom
This article explores the transition from high school to college using ethnographic methods. Through the lens of ethnography, it offers insights on the ways that social class shapes students developmental experiences and choices at this critical juncture in their education.
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by Jamie Lew
Based on a case study of high- and low-achieving Korean American students in New York City urban schools, this study shows the significance of structural factors of social class, social capital, and school context when accounting for academic achievement among Asian Americans. It illustrates the varied ways in which the Korean immigrant parents from different socioeconomic backgrounds learn to adopt educational strategies and access social capital toward educating their children.
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by Gale Seiler & Rowhea Elmesky
Video-analysis of urban, African American youth sheds light on their repertoires of practice, and in particular, on communalism as a cultural disposition that may be useful in engaging students in science learning and participating.
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by Eric Gutstein
Teaching mathematics for social justice is directed toward, and can contribute to, the development of students' sociopolitical consciousness, their sense of social agency (a view of themselves as capable of shaping the world) and also their mathematical understanding and competencies. This article describes a participant-research study on social justice mathematics curriculum and pedagogy in a Chicago middle school in which the above goals were a central part.
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by Beth C. Rubin
In this article, the author draws on an interpretive study conducted in four distinct school settings to argue that studentsí daily experiences and social positions inform their understanding of civics in powerful ways. This expanded understanding of youth civic identity development suggests new directions for school-based civic education.
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