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Volume 109, Number 10 (2007)

by William Trent, Margaret Terry Orr, Sheri Ranis & Jennifer Holdaway
This article introduces a special issue on discipline and field based research on youth transitions into and through college. This article describes the role of the Social Science Research Council and its scholars advisory group in sheparding field and discipline reviews, six of which are included in this journal. The article concludes with the group's recommendations for future integrated research.
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by Vivian Louie
This article addresses what we know around the transition to college from selected disciplines, the gaps therein, and finally, where we need to go next, in terms of methodological and substantive concerns.
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by Scott Gelber
This article explores what historical scholarship might contribute to advocates for equal access to higher education. Historians of college access have analyzed the impact that institutional stratification, segregation, and broader structural forces have had on college enrollments and outcomes. Although connections between past and present are suggestive rather than definitive, the article concludes by sketching tentative historical lessons about topics such as student preparation, admissions standards, and state intervention in higher education.
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by Vida Maralani
This essay reviews recent demographic literature on school transitions. I describe how a demographic perspective, by which I mean using methods that are standard in the study of population processes, is a useful way to examine differences in access to and completion of post secondary schooling in the United States.
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by Jill Peterson Koyama
This review article brings together anthropological and ethnographic studies, conducted during the last two decades, which examine issues of college access, preparation, financing, and retention. In it, the author synthesizes exiting knowledge and examines the ways in which this scholarship informs our knowledge about the processes of going to college.
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by Regina Deil-Amen & Ruth N. López Turley
This review focuses on the transition to college literature in sociology published since 1983 with an emphasis on revealing the contribution that sociology has made to our understanding of under-represented U.S. populations and their transition into and completion of postsecondary education.
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by Bridget Terry Long
The essay provides a comprehensive review of work by economists and others in related quantitative disciplines on the transition of students to college. A particular emphasis is given to the role of price and financial aid although issues related to college preparation, access, and persistence are also investigated. The final section discusses ongoing debates within economics about college access and success and suggests directions for future research.
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by Sara Goldrick-Rab
This analytical review of the major findings of research on the transition to college emphasizes those studies conducted by higher education researchers. The specific areas covered are college preparation, college access, persistence, and college outcomes. Also discussed are methodological and conceptual shortcomings of this body of work, and how further research might be improved.
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