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Volume 109, Number 1 (2007)

by Diane M. Hall & Howard C. Stevenson
This qualitative study addresses the roles of diversity coordinators in independent schools using the concept of tokenism as a lens for understanding their status in the school setting. Diversity coordinators experience a double vulnerability within the schools—first as people of color who are underrepresented in these institutions, and second by virtue of their role in addressing issues of “diversity” within the school contexts.
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by David Passig
This paper examines the characteristics of the thinking skill we call “melioration” i.e., the competence to borrow a concept from a field of knowledge supposedly far removed from his or her domain, and adapt it to a pressing challenge in an area of personal knowledge or interest.
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by Lesley Bartlett
This article examines the centrality of cultural artifacts, or cultural resources, in the social process of “doing” or “performing” literacy.
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by Eleanor Drago-Severson
This qualitative study investigated how 25 principals from public, Catholic, and independent schools with varying financial resources understand the practices they use to support teacher learning. This research illuminates how these leaders understand the challenges (e.g., financial, human) they face in supporting teacher learning and highlights their creative responses to challenges across schools. This paper offers insight into another way to accomplish important national goals and points toward a qualitatively different way of leadership in support of teacher learning and development.
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by Désirée D. Mansvelder-Longayroux, Douwe Beijaard, Nico Verloop & Jan D. Vermunt
In this study, we aimed to develop a framework that could be used to describe the value of the learning portfolio for the learning process of individual student teachers.
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by Cheryl J. Craig
Using the “story constellations” version of narrative inquiry, I tell of two schools—Cochrane Academy and Hardy Academy—that evolved from a shared social narrative history and that were given stories of school and stories of reform that had many features in common.
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by David Wong
Contemporary perspectives in psychology and education often characterize ideal students as rational and in control of their thinking and actions. However, deeply engaging, educative experiences are all but impossible unless there is also activity in the realm of the non-rational and the “opposite of control.”
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by Daniel Battey, Yasmin Kafai, Althea Scott Nixon & Linda L. Kao
This article synthesizes a decade of professional development on gender equity in science, mathematics, technology and engineering. We consider current issues in gender equity and make recommendations about what these projects can tell us for the future directions in both professional development and gender equity.
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by Frederick M. Hess & Andrew P. Kelly
The study examines the content of instruction at a stratified sample of the nation’s principal-preparation programs. The findings suggest that these programs pay limited attention to considerations of accountability, aggressive personnel management, or the broader body of thinking on leadership.
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