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Volume 108, Number 7 (2006)

by Karen Hammerness
This article documents one teacher education program’s efforts to become more coherent, focusing on the ways in which the program tries to become more coherent and the challenges to coherence.
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by Carol Rodgers
This article is a historical study of how one progressive teacher education program educated its students to come to care about issues of race, social justice, and environmental sustainability.
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by Kelvin L. Seifert & David Mandzuk
Recent initiatives in preservice teacher education have experimented with cohorts as a way to create supportive ties among peers, mutual intellectual support, and a sense of professionalism.
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by Gary M. Kilburg & Thomas Emerson Hancock
This article examines the types of recurring problems that can inhibit K–12 mentoring team relationships and intervention strategies to remedy those problems.
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by James S. Kaminsky
The legacy of Paul Goodman’s major educational works, Growing Up Absurd, Compulsory Mis-education, and The Community of Scholars, and The New Reformation is evaluated, and its utility for contemporary educational thought and practice is explored.
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by Margaret Terry Orr
Through a grounded theory analysis and comparison with relevant adult learning and leadership development theories, this article argues that structured advanced leadership development experiences could improve superintendents’ leadership development and transition.
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by Grace Roosevelt
The growing commercialization of higher education and the corresponding decline of liberal education will limit the range of political discourse and thus have negative effects on civic life.
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by Russell Skiba, Ada B Simmons, Shana Ritter, Kristin Kohler, Michelle Henderson & Tony Wu
Although there has been extensive documentation of minority disproportionality in special education, there has been far less exploration of the variables that contribute to those racial disparities. This article describes a qualitative exploration in which school personnel reflect on the factors surrounding referral to special education, and the context in which minority disproportionality occurs.
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by Deborah L. Schussler & Angelo Collins
The article examines how care exists in one alternative high school for students at risk of dropping out. The authors demonstrate that care exists in a number of relationships, that certain elements, like opportunities for success and a sense of belonging, pervade these relationships, and, most important, that specific structural and ideological aspects enable the existence of care.
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by Jianzhong Xu
This ethnographic study examines the experiences of one Black family in one urban middle school inclusion program to explore issues relating to culture, disability, and inclusion.
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