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Volume 108, Number 4 (2006)

by Mary M. Juzwik
This article systematically examines how one teacher rhetorically positions herself and her student audience through narrative performances during a literacy unit about the Holocaust in a middle school classroom.
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by Brent Kilbourn
The generic qualities of a qualitative doctoral dissertation proposal are discussed in this article, including how they relate to the dissertation and to the nature of a research university. Standard parts of a proposal are discussed and reasons given for the role each plays.
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by Jennifer A. Lindholm
This article examines how personal and environmental factors shape non-college attendees’ decisions to forgo college directly after high school.
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by Amy M. Damico & Sara E. Quay
Written from the reflective practitioner perspective, this article addresses the experiences two professors encountered when teaching a class about the popular culture of girls and boys to undergraduates at a small liberal arts college.
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by Stuart S. Yeh
Findings about the implementation of a system for rapidly assessing student progress in math and reading in grades K–12 suggest that this type of system could potentially reduce pressure on teachers resulting from high-stakes testing and the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act.
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by Derrick P. Alridge
This study examines the master narratives of Martin Luther King, Jr., in six high school history textbooks.
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by Asher Shkedi & Mordecai Nisan
Teachers’ conceptions of teaching culturally valued texts reflect their personal cultural ideologies. When teaching, a teacher’s personal cultural ideology becomes dominant and outweighs other types of teaching ideology.
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by Jennifer de Forest
This article describes the failed New York City Teacher Selection Project, an effort to replace the city’s teacher licensing tests with projective personality tests. While the project’s members created an innovative test based on the tenets of progressive education and mental hygiene, their efforts failed largely because members chose to work with like-minded colleagues in isolation from the political realities of New York City and the public school system.
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by Elisabeth Soep
Learning within critique, a form of assessment through which young people jointly judge their own work and that of their peers is examined in this article. Findings reveal the specific learning opportunities associated with critique, as well as the interactive and institutional conditions that give rise to critique, with implications for learning theory and the design and study of learning environments.
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by Rosemary C. Salomone
This article discusses the current debate over publicly supported single-sex programs in the context of the No Child Left Behind Act and proposed Title IX regulations that will afford such programs greater flexibility. The author examines the role of research in addressing the legal and policy issues raised and its critical relationship to planning, implementation, and evaluation.
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