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Volume 108, Number 2 (2006)

by Jerlando F.L. Jackson & James L. Moore III
An introduction to the special issue African American males in education - PK-12 and Higher Education: An Examination of Critical Stages within the Educational Pipeline for African American Males.
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by Jelani Mandara
This paper reviews and clarifies many of the inconsistencies and misconceptions in the research literature regarding the effects of family functioning on African American male academic achievement, concluding that an African American version of authoritative parenting, which is qualitatively different than European American authoritativeness, is the optimal parenting style for African American male academic achievement.
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by Chance W. Lewis
In this article, the author presents the findings of a study that examined the disproportionate number of African American male teachers in America’s K–12 public schools.
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by James L. Moore III
Using the grounded theory approach, this research investigation, drawing on a larger study, examined the factors that were most instrumental in influencing African American males’ decisions to pursue engineering as an academic major and career choice.
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by Lamont A. Flowers
This study explored the impact of attending a 2-year (vs. a 4-year) institution on the type and magnitude of academic and social integration experiences that African American male students had on campus in their first year of college.
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by Brian N. Williams & Sheneka M. Williams
A qualitative online individual interviewing approach was used to explore the perceptions of 32 African American male junior faculty at predominantly White institutions (PWIs) on how to improve support systems and structures to navigate promotion and tenure.
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by Jerlando F.L. Jackson
This study was designed to investigate the status of African American males in academic leadership positions at colleges and universities in comparison to other males.
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