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Volume 108, Number 10 (2006)

by William H. Jeynes
The author argues that American educators rely on standardized tests at too early an age when administered in kindergarten, particularly given the original intent of kindergarten as envisioned by its founder, Friedrich Froebel.
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by Mitra K Shavarini
This article examines the phenomenon of young Iranian women who are encouraged to pursue higher education but who are deterred from entering the labor market.
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by Robin J DiAngelo
This study uses a poststructural analysis to explicate the social production of Whiteness in a college classroom.
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by Ben Endres
This article argues that Jürgen Habermas’s theory of communicative action exposes the common ground beneath a range of progressive ideals and offers new support for these ideals by relating them directly to the economic aims of schooling, which are typically ignored by advocates of progressive education. It argues that education for open-ended, mutual interactions prepares students for the practical challenges of work, and broad personal and social development.
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by Maria Assuncao Flores
This article explores the interplay of personal and contextual influences on novice teachers’ development as first- and second-year teachers and its implications for the (trans)formation of their professional identities.
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by Terri Patchen
This article study explores the relationship between gender and participation in an ethnographic examination of Latina/Latino high school students’ classroom practices and perceptions.
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by Robert B Bain
This article provides case study of instruction that challenges the ritualized deference that students afford to the authority of history textbooks and teachers. It asks, What might encourage students to raise disciplined suspicions of the typical sources of scholastic authority? What might we learn about history instruction that makes textbooks and teachers objects of students’ historical inquiry?
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by Mark B Tappan
This article presents a reinterpretation of “internalized oppression” and “internalized domination,” not as internal, psychological qualities or characteristics, but rather as sociocultural phenomena—that is, as forms of “mediated action.”
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by Catherine Ashcraft
In this article, the author explores how educators might use popular culture to address teen sexuality and to make schooling more relevant to adolescents’ lives. To do so, the author draws from her ethnographic study of a peer-driven sex education program and complement this with an analysis of two films that the teens in the program frequently referenced.
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