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Read a Post for Sports in a School Curriculum: Four Postulates to Play By
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A postulate to learn by

Posted By: jim field on June 26, 2007
I'm surprised that a hockey player especially, would postulate truth in such certain terms. Perhaps that is why, when one examines the testimony of elite athletes (Wayne Gretsky, Ken Dryden and Sydney Crosby come to mind), one sees that that they learned the really important things about the this beautiful game, from skill through character, elsewhere, out of the sight and reach of adults like "coach Dick". I urge the writer to come to our outdoor rink and watch the wonderful mix of NHL draftees and beginners play a fluid game called shinny long into the night, free of black and white rules, withering gazes and the corrosive, mean-sprited humour of an old patriarch.
James C Field, PhD
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 A postulate to learn by by jim field on June 26, 2007
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