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An Unfortunate Article during these Unfortunate Times

Posted By: Barbara Regenspan on December 15, 2017
It is a sign of the times that the TC Record would even print an article advocating
scripted instruction in any form. The article posits multiple "what ifs," all proposing the very respect for the profession in terms of planning time and encouragement for teachers to become nuanced curriculum designers that all of us in social justice-focused teacher education have fought for for years. If these "what ifs" finally came to pass, nobody would have a jot of patience for the proposal that teachers follow scripts, as opposed to nuanced plans they develop, some collectively and some individually, and revise over time for the learners in front of them.

The author would do better to advocate for his proposed "what ifs" rather than colluding with the current neoliberal reforms that have delivered to us only the meanest form of "scripted." It's worth noting that these same neoliberal reforms move in the opposite direction of all of the author's "what ifs."

Sincerely, Dr. Barbara Regenspan, Professor Emerita of Educational Studies, Colgate University
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 An Unfortunate Article during these Unfortunate Times by Barbara Regenspan on December 15, 2017
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