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Courage and Responsibility

Posted By: Marcina Zaccaria on May 15, 2015
Itís interesting to note how you can use a movie as a jumping off point to discuss a larger issue. So many people find recognition on the big screen. Films can take on different meanings over time, and when so much has changed in schools (technologies, online programs developed for the classroom), so much stays the same.

Lisa Rosen and Linda Rubin covered relational aggression from many sides in this article. They have taken a strong stance, in terms of core values and principles. It is enlightening to read about PRAISE and other programs that deal with relational aggression. By honoring courage and responsibility in a school setting, they provide a framework for developing a healthier, more supportive learning environment.
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 Courage and Responsibility by Marcina Zaccaria on May 15, 2015
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