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The Mysteries of Culture

Posted By: Douglas Hainline on February 7, 2014
On the one hand, we see culture changing rapidly, in response to a change of heart at the top of society. Racial and sexual attitudes which were common a few decades ago, are now taboo, at least in polite society. In impolite society, not so much.

There, we see how intractable culture can be. Even fifty years of Communist totalitarian rule couldn't change the Roma. And the hopeful assumptions that the removal of all legal and most informal restrictions on Blacks, would bring them into mainstream society, and start the climb up the economic ladder, have been dashed.

As long as trying to succeed in school is seen as 'acting white', not much can be done. Let's hope the Harlem Learning Zone succeeds, but not be surprised if it doesn't.
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 The Mysteries of Culture by Douglas Hainline on February 7, 2014
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