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Running on Myths--and Liking It

Posted By: Dick Schutz on January 23, 2008
The article is informative in respect to its topic and is heuristic with respect to application of the orientation and methodology to el-hi and to higher ed.

The status of online education for other parts of the higher ed domain is likely to be very close to that for community colleges. And other institutional rituals, discrepancies, and contradictions could be readily identified.

El-hi thrives on a diet rich of myths. In fact, myths make up almost the entire diet. “Reform,” “programs based on scientifically based research,” and “proficiency (relying on arbitrary cut scores on ungrounded scales )” come to mind. But those myths don’t begin to scratch the surface. If one begins looking for institutional rituals, discrepancies, and contradictions. It’s possible to gather three bags full very quickly.

El-hi teachers and schools have conventionally been viewed as resistant to
change. Cox’s inquiry indicates that it is not individuals or lowest-level institutional units that resist change. It’s the institution per se. This generalization holds for the entire education sector, and for other sectors as well.

We don’t currently know how to change institutions, because it hasn’t been tried. The whole force of “accountability” has been directed to the least culpable actors –kids and teachers. Cox’s analysis and inquiry suggest that it would be wise to turn the focus upside down.

Dick Schutz
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 Running on Myths--and Liking It by Dick Schutz on January 23, 2008
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