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Technology as Online Education: The tail still wags the dog

Posted By: Robert seidel on January 22, 2008
I have read and thoroughly appreciated this thoughtful account of the vagaries surrounding the push for online learning at community colleges. As someone who has worked in and around technology research and implementation attempts for many years, it is both revealing and disheartening to see that the same issues continue to arise. They are not restricted to community colleges either. The focus still seems to be on the technological flavor of the week, month, or year. Yet the fundamental issues of organizatonal structure, learning and assessment are given short shrift. The issue of stakeholders involvement needed to result in insttutionalization of any innovation is a continuing neglected factor. I have also attempted to address this earlier as it pertained to the use of computers in education. The author's characterization reflects the currency of this problem. With respect to the pedagogical and evaluation necessities, it is sad to see that they still suffer from profound neglect as outlined by this article. In my recent book,we review the literature on learning, outline a learning model, and provide recommended instructional strategies for the curriculum developer. We have a chapter on technology, whose role is to enhance the development and implementation of well-thought out, empirically based instruction and pedagogy.

Robert J. Seidel, Ph.D.
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 Technology as Online Education: The tail still wags the dog by Robert seidel on January 22, 2008
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