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requiring students to vote

Posted By: Ruth Farmer on November 1, 2004
Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, is it? Requiring students to register to vote and requiring them to vote are separate issues. Requiring a student to register may comprise one of several course requirements, like writing essays, attending classes, or producing a culminating research project. Students have the choice not to do any of those things. However, not writing papers or attending classes may lead to dire academic consequences.

I disagree with the idea that voting is not a right. It is a right that people died to gain. It is a right that people continue to die for.

Most importantly, voting is a responsibility. As educators and mentors, we can model how one handles responsibilities. We can encourage young people to take their rights and responsibilities seriously. Even as we acknowledge that, in this country at least, we do not force people to vote, we can discuss the consequences not voting.
Ruth Farmer
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 requiring students to vote by Ruth Farmer on November 1, 2004
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