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Posted By: Angela McGhee on August 20, 2004
Thought the points pondered are well taken, as it has been my experience to differentiate my lessons for inclusion of all students as much as possible. Questioning is not an easy task when trying to cover a great deal of material in the constraints of a compacted program. I often wonder whether I've asked the right questions or enough questions to justly cover the material and giving the students enough freedom to think on their own and to learn on their own the points I wish to convey. A lot of times I'll have a list of questions before me of which to ask and other times I'll totally ignore it so that I can zero in on exactly where they are; some days are like that especially at the elementary level. I've learned that knowing the functioning level of individual classes helps to shape the direction in which I ask questions more on any given level(Bloom)yet striving to ask at least one question at each level no matter if the question was completely answered in class or later revisted in homework or another later lesson.
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 Questions? by Angela McGhee on August 20, 2004
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