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Foggy notion of facilitator

Posted By: Joseph Valentin on August 20, 2004
"However, the overzealous abandonment of causal relationships and the turn toward foggy notions of teaching (e.g., teacher as facilitator and guide) obscures the importance of intricate teacher behaviors and decision-making that teachers must consider in shaping classroom experiences to foster learning."

This statement is quite erroneous in its overgeneralization to assume that facilitating and guiding students is an unclear notion and further assumes that this notion has nothing to do with the importance of behaviors and decisions considered in fostering learning. The researchers have not done anything to show how or even why causal relationships have been "overzealously" abandoned. In fact, many aspects discussed in the article were facilitative and explain how students may be guided and not told what to think or do but constuct their knowledge. There is a lack of etymological discourse to justify what seems to be more reactionary than critical in having the reader understand why it's a "foggy notion" that puts educators in "black boxes." Careful research in this field will probably yield the evidence to support the distinction between the two terms which is not semantical. Ask "facilitators" in the field of disabilities and they'll probably beg to differ.
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 Foggy notion of facilitator by Joseph Valentin on August 20, 2004
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