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War and Peace: Public School Teachers' Responsibility

Posted By: Mandira Raksit on August 6, 2002
It is about time that we link our school systems and the aftermath of September 11 with some agonizing questions. These questions have both moral and practical implications. The moral implications are obviously tolerance, democracy, and calling a spade a spade. The practical implications may sound ironical to those globalists, but both the merit and downsize of globalization are that they are no longer the “Third World” countries’ problems; border-crossing has infiltrated the core of American values through its school systems; unfortunately, teachers sometimes haven’t got the slightest clues where the loyalty of these immigrant kids belong to. As teachers, we are left with some difficult tasks. This article may help answer some of our own dilemmas while teaching kids and keeping the balancing act together; albeit a difficult responsibility in the upsurge of American narcissism and war mongering—so blatantly promoted by a Republican White House.
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 War and Peace: Public School Teachers' Responsibility by Mandira Raksit on August 6, 2002
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