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Read a Post for Learning to Read in Cages: A Metaphor for Race and Class Disparities in Opportunities to Learn?
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Reading in Cages

Posted By: Angela McGhee on July 13, 2003
I find the photo very shocking! I believe their are more humane ways of dealing with the teaching of reading to troubled youth. I am further appalled by the negativity of attitudes towards urban educators like myself. I have taught for twenty-six years in an urban area and have come to the conclusion that the only person to blame for failure is the parent! Something must be done to help parents foster better citizenship! Teachers like myself work very hard six hours and fifty-five minutes per day and well beyond. What happens beyond the school day is out of our hands unless we extend ourselves into the community which presents a conflict of interest to our own families. This societal and community problem should be rectified. Once rectified test scores will rise!
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 Reading in Cages by Angela McGhee on July 13, 2003
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