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Criteria of PCK for teaching / instruction observation

Posted By: Sulaiman Sarkawi on March 20, 2006
Hello to all TCRecord members,

Iím doing my PhD research about development of PCK among Information
Technology Education Program student teachers in UPSI (one of Malaysian
local university which is concentrated on producing primary and secondary
Using Grossman model of PCK as stated in her book The Making of a teacher (1999), Iíll conduct observation for both; lecturer
instruction (content and pedagogy) in campus and instruction by student
teacher in the practicum and followed by interviews.

Any body canI advice me where can I get the criteria or checklist of PCK that we can use for teaching observation?

Thank you for help.

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 Criteria of PCK for teaching / instruction observation by Sulaiman Sarkawi on March 20, 2006
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