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How children learn and how teachers should teach

Posted By: Steven Turner on March 10, 2004
Hi folks,

I'm a second year Curriculum and Instruction doctoral student interested in the knowledge base for teacher education, specifically, teacher education organized around principles of learning (cognitive neuroscience/NRCs How People Learn).

As I look into the literature, what quickly became apparent are four dimensions for what constitutes the knowledge base for how people learn-- (1) cognitive neuroscience (2) brain-based learning and teaching (3) Learning styles and emotional intelligence and (4) practicing teachers operational knowledge of how students learn.

I am most interested in the first (teacher education infused with research from different science disciplines about what it means to learn), and how this knowledge can improve teaching. My thesis: since teachers are held responsible to influence student learning, teachers must first understand how students learn.

If you have any information on teacher education programs, books, articles, websites or other resources, please feel free to respond here or email:

Steve Turner
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 How children learn and how teachers should teach by Steven Turner on March 10, 2004
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