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Distributed Leadership in Practice

reviewed by Janet R. Shefelbine

coverTitle: Distributed Leadership in Practice
Author(s): James P. Spillane and John B. Diamond
Publisher: Teachers College Press, New York
ISBN: 0807748064, Pages: 193, Year: 2007
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In Distributed Leadership in Practice, Spillane and Diamond (2007) create a framework for the study of leadership that accommodates the effects of the campus, community, teachers, and school subjects. The authors apply a perspective that defines the leadership and management practices of the leader; the interactions that occur among leaders, students and teachers; and other elements of time and circumstance that affect leadership practices. Through the meticulous definition of elements of the situation and a step by step analysis of the interdependence of the elements, the authors create a conceptual tool that should be useful for educational researchers and practitioners. Spillane and Diamond incorporate the effects of the context into their leadership theory to a greater degree than contingency theorists, e.g., Fiedler (1967). Spillane (2007, p. 41) points out that contingency theorists envisage situation as an independent variable, whereas the distributive perspective defines a two-way relationship between situation and practice... (preview truncated at 150 words.)

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