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New Teacher Advocate

The New Teacher Advocate, a quarterly newsletter, focuses on topics and issues important to those entering the profession of teaching. It provides practical articles on securing teaching positions, classroom methods and problem-solving, advice from experienced teachers on topics interest, and anecdotes from fellow beginning teachers. The audience of the New Teacher Advocate is preservice and beginning teachers.

Authors should indicate for which particular department their manuscript is intended:

  • Insights: The First Year (100-200 words) - Favorite tips, strategies, or "aha!" experiences discovered during the first year of teaching.
  • In the Classroom (650 words) - How-to guide on a specific teaching technique with a short list of references for further reading.
  • Messages to Teachers of the 90s (650 words) - Philosophical and/or personal perspectives on a specific topic by experts in a particular field.
  • Questions and Answers (350 words) - Responses to commonly expressed questions or concerns of the beginning teacher that approach the issue from several viewpoints and supply suggestions.
  • Career Advantage (650 words) - Analysis and an action plan related to an aspect of teaching as a professional career.

    URL: http://www.kdp.org/publication.guidelines.html#advocate
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