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Sociology of Education Abstracts

Sociology of Education Abstracts draws on a wide range of international sources as a means of serving the information needs of those concerned with the sociological study of education. Coverage of the service is broad to incorporate the many diverse types of material relevant to study in this area. Journals from throughout the world and a comprehensive list of publisher's catalogues are scanned regularly for appropriate items. The journal is used both as a means of keeping up to date with newly published material, aided by the provision of author and subject indexes in each issue, and for the purposes of retrospective retrieval, facilitated by annually cumulated author and subject indexes bound in the final issue of each volume. Each year Sociology of Education Abstracts provides a complete guide to the most important theoretical, methodological and policy developments relevant to the sociological study of education.

URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/carfax/00380415.html
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