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Contents Pages in Education

Contents Pages in Education is a computer-based, international current awareness service that shows the contents pages of over 700 of the world's education journals. Contents pages are arranged alphabetically by journal title and reset to a standardised and easy-to-read format.

Each issue of Contents Pages in Education contains:

  • about 170 contents pages of the latest issues of the world's education periodicals;
  • comprehensive author and subject indexes;
  • an alphabetical listing of the journal titles in that issue; a listing of new titles added to the service;
  • a full list of all journals covered by the service with subscription address, ISSN and frequency of publication.

    Every month Contents Pages in Education will give you access to all the major education journals in one comprehensive and up-to-date publication. No relevant journal is excluded through lack of space.

    URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/default.html
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