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Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research

The Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research is an international refereed journal focusing on central ideas and themes in educational thinking and research. The journal welcomes reports on philosophical, historical, comparative, experimental and survey studies and has no preferences - except quality - concerning the authors' choices of methodological perspectives. It also encourages scholarly discussions on vital concepts, new issues and themes of importance for education in the future.

The Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research is especially keen to encourage publication of original contributions from all fields of educational research and thinking, thus mirroring the subject in its full breadth and diversity through articles of professional quality.

While presenting international research of general interest and importance, it is the Editorial Board's intention that the Scandinavian Journal for Educational Research should also reflect the ongoing educational research in the Nordic countries where wide-reaching and advanced reforms have attracted attention and interest from around the world.

The Journal offers researchers the opportunity to keep in touch with trends in educational research in Scandinavia. The Journal does not consider manuscripts for publication if they have already been reported elsewhere. Posting a manuscript on a host computer to which anyone on the Internet can gain access constitutes prior publication.

URL: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/carfax/00313831.html

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