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Volume 105, Number 3, 2003

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by Jodie Roth, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Miriam Linver & Sandra Hofferth
This study presents data collected from a nationally-representative sample of teachers of 1st through 6th graders (N=553). Using teacher-completed time diaries, we examine students’ total time in school and their activities while there.

by Jacquelien Bos, Nico Verloop, Jan Terwel & Wim Wardekker
This study focuses on the compatibility of the measurement and pedagogical goals of evaluation in the context of national standards. Using stories of secondary school teachers as a basis, it shows the value of classroom evaluation, since classroom evaluation allows the two goals to be reconciled, albeit to a limited extent. We argue that for a professional application of classroom evaluation, the frame of reference used is historical, and that the content of such a framework is closely related to the teacher's pedagogical content knowledge.

by Thomas Smith
If the GED fails to help the majority of its recipients succeed in higher education programs or to boost their economic prospects, then why does it remain so popular among dropouts and why does it receive such strong state sanction and support?

by Annette Hemmings
This article explores the crisis of respect needed to establish authority in two urban public high schools.

by Xin Ma
This study examined the effects of early acceleration of students in mathematics on the development of their attitude and anxiety toward mathematics across junior and senior high school, using data from the Longitudinal Study of American Youth (LSAY).

by Okhee Lee
Based on the conception of equity from a cultural anthropology perspective, the paper addresses epistemological and pedagogical issues concerning equity in science content, learning, and teaching for students from diverse languages and cultures. It provides a synthesis of major issues and research findings for effective classroom practices in the multicultural science education literature. It also offers recommendations for a research agenda to achieve the goal of “science for all,” including students from diverse languages and cultures.

by Kenneth Zeichner
The paper analyzes three current approaches to teacher education reform in the U.S.- the professionalization agenda, the deregulation agenda, and the social justice agenda.

by Christine Woyshner
This article examines the origins of the National Parent-Teacher Association and questions its current image as a white, middle-class women’s association.

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