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Volume 121, Number 3, 2019

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by BetsAnn Smith
This article examines school leadership organized as a network of formalized teacher-leader roles that blend teaching with instructional and managerial leadership. It argues that formal and embedded teacher-leader networks may have more potential to support teachers and school improvement than coaching roles or informally distributed leadership.

by Michael Gottfried & Cameron Sublett
This study examines whether older versus younger kindergarten entry age links to differences in academic achievement for children who start school with a disability.

by Bryan Mann & Stephen Kotok
This study examines student enrollment patterns within cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania, a state where elected policymakers tend to view choice as a means for school improvement.

by Richard Lofton, Jr.
This study illuminates how African American parents whose children attended a racially diverse middle school made sense and came to terms with academic placement, neighborhood inequalities, and forms of agency.

by Jihyun Kim, Min Sun & Peter Youngs
This study examines how teachers’ perceived legitimacy of teacher evaluation policies influences changes in their instruction and which school supports shape such perceptions.

by Christopher DeLuca, Angela Pyle, Suparna Roy, Agnieszka Chalas & Erica Danniels
This article critically examines three kindergarten traditions, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori, to develop a common understanding of key tenets for kindergarten assessment.

by Jay Plasman, Michael Gottfried & Cameron Sublett
This study examines the relationship between career and technical education coursetaking in high school and college. Analyses are broken down between 2- and 4-year colleges as well as across specific clusters.

by Liliana M. Garces & Darkhan Bilyalov
This study examines how key institutional actors charged with implementing diversity-related policies and practices understand the influence of legal developments around affirmative action, and the institutional responses to these developments, in particular, how they influence their efforts to support racial and ethnic diversity.

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