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transparent 13
Volume 120, Number 5, 2018

Featured Articles
by Jack Schneider, Rebecca Jacobsen, Rachel White & Hunter Gehlbach
This article details an experiment in which a broad and diverse range of information about schools was assembled and presented to stakeholders in a small urban district. Using a modified deliberative polling experience, authors assess how participants responded to a new, more comprehensive set of school performance information. They found that when users of the new data system evaluated unfamiliar schools, they expressed not only more confidence in their own knowledge, but also in the quality of the schools.

by Roselien Vervaet , Mieke Van Houtte & Peter A. J. Stevens
This study examines the associations among a multicultural teacher culture, pupilsí perceptions of teachersí multicultural educational practices, and the ethnic prejudice of Flemish secondary-school pupils.

by Susan Moore Johnson, Stefanie Reinhorn & Nicole Simon
This qualitative study focuses on successful high-poverty urban schools that relied on teams as a central mechanism for school improvement.

by Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Danielle Allen, Allison Socol, Lora Cohen-Vogel, Stacey Rutledge & QI W. Xing
This study examines the implementation of an academic and social-emotional learning innovation called Personalization for Academic and Social Emotional Learning.

by Robert Sternberg & James Kaufman
This article describes five societal forces that ERODE creativity: Education, Resources, Opportunities, Diffusion, and Exaggeration. The article further suggests how we can counter this erosion.

by William Tierney & Nidhi S. Sabharwal
The authors ask if the social ecology of postsecondary education that has been created in India is in its best interests. By social ecology, we are referring to the universe of postsecondary organizations that account for the 35,357 institutions in India. They suggest that a new social ecology of higher education needs to be put forward that streamlines relationships, clarifies roles and regulations, improves data analysis, and focuses on quality rather than quantity.

by Brendan H. O'Connor
This participatory, qualitative study of university students on the Texas (U.S.)-Tamaulipas (Mex.) border examines studentsí development of cosmopolitan identities and perspectives through continued cross-border mobility at a time of sociopolitical upheaval.

by Corbin Campbell & Deniece Dortch
This study reconsiders academic rigor by using a new conceptual framework that focuses on rigorous course practices and by using quantitative observational methods at two selective research institutions.

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