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Volume 119, Number 9, 2017

Featured Articles
by Sharon Nichols & Felicia Castro-Villarreal
Introduction to the special issue.

by Rhonda Bondie & Akane Zusho
This qualitative case study examines the use of All Learners Learning Every Day instructional routines related to small group discussions and self-regulated learning with English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities in a high-stakes testing environment.

by Won Kim
This qualitative study examines 11 adolescent long-term English language learnersí educational experience via their voices in the context of their performances on state-mandated language and academic achievement tests.

by Kyunghwa Lee
The study investigated how early childhood teachersí perspectives of and practices for managing the behavior and bodies of children at risk of being identified with ADHD were related to the increasing concern over school readiness under SBA reform.

by Barbara Pazey, Heather Cole & Daniel Spikes
This qualitative study uses narrative inquiry to investigate the role of students in education reform through the story of EJ, a young black male with a dis/ability, in an urban city in central Texas at a high school slated for closure within a poor, minority neighborhood.

by Sharon Nichols, Felicia Castro-Villarreal & Amanda Ramirez
This study adds to our understanding of how elementary school teachers in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts think about the implementation and impact of Response-to-Intervention practices.

by Heinrich Mintrop & Robin Zane
The study uses the concept of integrity to analyze teachersí agency in situations of strain or crisis.

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