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transparent 13
Volume 119, Number 12, 2017

Featured Articles
by Elisabeth Gee & James Gee
This article defines and describes distributed systems of teaching and learning that transcend dichotomies of online and offline activities or spaces, with an emphasis on digital games as a focus of these systems.

by Rebecca Black, Jonathan Alexander & Ksenia Korobkova
This article uses qualitative and literary analyses of products and artifacts from the Hunger Games media franchise to explore young people’s literacy practices as embedded in corporate and fan-produced transmedia ecologies.

by Karen Wohlwend
Monster High, a popular transmedia doll franchise for girls, is analyzed as a virtual dollhouse that converges toys, digital media, popular media, and social media in ways that circulate naturalized and normalizing expectations for girls. However, analysis of the digital dress-up and online doll play that children produce and share on social media shows that players also make use of this convergence to remake imaginaries for their own purposes in ways that both reproduce and rupture these expectations.

by Julia Davies
This theoretical piece provides a series of examples of “digital encounters” that reflect on how we use digital tools to construct and reflect on stories of our lives. These digital tools have capacities to disrupt our sense of time and space, capacities that users can exploit and play with to varying extents.

by Victoria Carrington
This article challenges existing metaphors for conceptualizing the “on” and “off” associated with the Internet. Drawing from interview data, the article identifies the metaphors used and understood by young women, positioning them alongside their use of smartphones.

by Jackie Marsh
This article reports on a study of the role and nature of play in young children’s use of toys that connect physical and digital domains.

by Sandra Abrams, Jennifer Rowsell & Guy Merchant
This introductory article provides an overview of the special issue and addresses digital practices and cultures. Combining conceptualizations by Huizinga and Appadurai, authors suggest that playscapes help to support expanded examinations and discussions of entangled meaning making across space and time.

by Kurt Squire & Constance Steinkuehler
Through an instrumental case study of a child’s activity in the videogame Madden, Squire and Steinkuehler scrutinize contemporary notions of “screen time” for children and its import and potential risks. The resulting analysis challenges the dosage model of media use assumed in parental discourse in America today.

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