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Volume 115, Number 3, 2013

Featured Articles
by Lauren Anderson & Jamy Stillman
This article begins with one student teacherís recounted example of classroom practice and then draws on cultural historical activity theory to consider how teacher educators might have better supported this student teacher, thereby enhancing her own and her studentsí learning.

by Jeremy Stoddard
This article addresses the potential impact of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2009) Supreme Court ruling and the influence of the documentary form on democratic education. The author calls for critical media education to be a core tenet of democratic education in order to prepare citizens for the 21st century.

by Scott Seider, James Huguley & Sarah Novick
This study reports that college students of color participating in a university-based community service learning program characterized the classroom experience within the program as offering a weaker sense of community than did their White classmates, and many expressed a reluctance to engage in race discussions with their classmates or to respond to perspectives they perceived as naÔve, inaccurate, or offensive.

by Stefani Relles & William Tierney
This article presents a review of research relevant to postsecondary writing remediation. The purpose of the review is to assess empirical support for policy aimed at improving the degree completion rates of students who arrive at tertiary settings underprepared to write.

by Barbara Means, Yukie Toyama, Robert Murphy & Marianne Baki
This meta-analysis of the online learning literature includes 50 independent effects from controlled studies that contrasted either purely online or a blend of online and face-to-face instruction with a condition in which all instruction was conducted face-to-face. The meta-analysis found that on average, learners experiencing blends of online and face-to-face instruction learned modestly more than those whose instruction was entirely face-to-face.

by ‹mmŁhan Yeşil Dağlı & Ithel Jones
This study utilized data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998-99 to examine the longitudinal effects of delayed, early or on-time kindergarten enrollment and relative age on childrenís reading and mathematics achievement from kindergarten to third grade. Data were analyzed using a propensity score stratification method and a cross-classified random effects model, adjusting for socio-demographic characteristics. Children in the delayed group entered kindergarten with higher reading and mathematics scores, yet achievement differences were negligible by the end of third grade. Relative age predicted childrenís performances in reading and mathematics achievement. Typically, children who were older than their peers in the same class had higher academic achievement scores.

by Orhan Agirdag, Piet Van Avermaet & Mieke Van Houtte
This study aims to integrate research on the effects of school segregation with that on self-fulfilling prophecies by examining the mediating role of teacher expectancies regarding the impact of school composition on pupilsí math achievement.

by Evrim Baran, Ana-Paula Correia & Ann Thompson
This article presents a multiple-case study that investigated six different cases of exemplary online teachers and their teaching contexts within a large research university. The findings reveal common exemplary online teaching practices and suggest recommendations for supporting and nurturing successful online teaching in higher education institutions.

by A. Jonathan Eakle & Rosa ChŠvez-Eakle
Reported in this article is research of literacies in three major museums in Mexico City. The authors examine museum designer and education practices and how those practices are related to identity constructs as well as political and social issues that are important for educators in Mexico and the United States to consider.

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