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transparent 13
Volume 115, Number 1, 2013

Featured Articles
by Jennifer Holme
This article examines high schools’ responses to exit testing policies through in-depth case studies of five low-performing high-poverty high schools across five school districts in Texas.

by Linda Sax, Tiffani Riggers & M. Kevin Eagan
Using a national sample, this study uses multilevel modeling to understand how self-reported levels of academic engagement differ between women who attend single-sex and coeducational high schools.

by Keffrelyn Brown & Lisa Goldstein
This article highlights the contradictions that preservice teachers encounter when attempting to reconcile their own perspectives about academic achievement that emphasize growth and progress with those found in larger policy and school contexts that focus on success and mastery of common learning standards. The authors offer that using the more precise terms academic progress and academic success will clarify these contradictory perspectives on academic achievement and illuminate the complexities that teachers encounter when preparing to teach in a post–No Child Left Behind context.

by Mark Engberg & Gregory Wolniak
This article examines the effects of individual- and institutional-level factors across secondary and postsecondary contexts on students’ likelihood of majoring in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in college.

by Kevin Dougherty, Rebecca Natow, Rachel Bork, Sosanya Jones & Blanca Vega
Examination of the political origins of state performance funding for higher education in six states (Florida, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington) and the lack of its development in another two states (California and Nevada).

by William Penuel, Kenneth Frank, Min Sun, Chong Kim & Corinne Singleton
This article examines how the effects of institutions on teaching practices can be mediated by social networks within schools. The study focuses on teachers’ responses to policies developed from the National Reading Panel’s recommendations for teaching reading.

by Linda Harklau
Although Latinas’ relatively low rate of college-going has sometimes been explained by the influence of traditional gender roles, this article argues that sometimes it might instead represent emergent feminism and a means of contesting and remaking those roles. Based on a 5-year case study of one academically gifted Mexican American immigrant youth who decided to go to work instead of college, the article considers implications for Latina college recruitment.

by Robert Halpern
In this article, the author explores the implications of the trend toward linking early childhood education more closely to schooling. He uses the example of “prek-3rd” to point out both positive and problematic aspects of this trend.

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