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Response to Intervention: Instructional Challenges for Teachers in High Need Contexts

by Sharon L. Nichols, Felicia Castro-Villarreal & Amanda Ramirez
This study adds to our understanding of how elementary school teachers in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts think about the implementation and impact of Response-to-Intervention practices.
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When the Achievement Gap Becomes High Stakes for Special Education Teachers: Facing a Dilemma with Integrity

by Heinrich Mintrop & Robin Zane
The study uses the concept of integrity to analyze teachersí agency in situations of strain or crisis.
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Book Reviews

Learning in the Fast Lane: The Past, Present, and Future of Advanced Placement

by Chester Finn, Jr. & Andrew E. Scanlan
reviewed by Suneal Kolluri


A†Case†for†Kindness: A New Look at the Teaching Ethic

by Steve Broidy
reviewed by Valerie Hill-Jackson


Transforming Schooling for Second Language Learners: Theoretical Insights, Policies, Pedagogies, and Practices

by Mariana Pacheco), P. Zitlali Morales, & Colleen Hamilton
reviewed by Dorian Harrison & Brittany Frieson


The Missing Course: Everything They Never Taught You about College Teaching

by David Gooblar
reviewed by Anne Kelsch


The Vulnerable Heart of Literacy: Centering Trauma as Powerful Pedagogy

by Elizabeth Dutro
reviewed by Carlin Borsheim-Black


Education researchers Felicia Castro-Villarreal and Sharon L. Nichols discuss their article, Intersections of Accountability and Special Education: The Social Justice Implications of Policy and Practice. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.


IEP Measurable Annual Goals and Benchmark Objectives: Independence as a Synonym for Intrinsic Motivation

by Hope Nye
To support every studentís educational progress, the IDEA provides a framework through a system of measurable annual goals listed within student IEPs. Benchmark objectives following the gradual release of responsibility model of instruction scaffold supports for students to master skills identified within their measurable annual goals. When fading these supports through benchmark objectives, students transition from external to internal motivation when achieving independence with their target skill.

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