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Entering the Historical Problem Space: Whole-class Text-based Discussion in History Class

by Abby Reisman
This study explored how teachers and students in five 11th-grade classrooms participated in whole-class discussion, using intervention materials designed to promote text-based disciplinary discussion. Analysis of videotaped instruction sought to (a) determine the degree to which the instructional materials fostered disciplinary discussion about texts, and (b) analyze teacher talk moves that characterized effective facilitation of such discussions.
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Self-Regulatory Climate: A Social Resource for Student Regulation and Achievement

by Curt M. Adams, Patrick B. Forsyth , Ellen Dollarhide , Ryan Miskell & Jordan Ware
This study advances self-regulatory climate as a social resource for student self-regulation and achievement.
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Book Reviews

Teaching Disciplinary Literacy: Using Video Records of Practice to Improve Secondary Teacher Preparation

by Charles W. Peters, Deanna Birdyshaw, & Amy Bacevich
reviewed by Leslie David Burns


Reassessing the Social Studies Curriculum: Promoting Critical Civic Engagement in a Politically Polarized, Post-9/11 World

by Wayne Journell (Ed.)
reviewed by Sohyun An


Shifting Gears: Recalibrating Schoolwide Discipline and Student Support

by Carol Miller Lieber, Michele Tissiere, & Nicole Frazier
reviewed by Timothy J. Servoss


"Proof," Policy, & Practice: Understanding the Role of Evidence in Improving Education

by Paul E. Lingenfelter
reviewed by Wenfan Yan & Yumei Han


The Classroom Teacherís Behavior Management

by Roger Pierangelo & George Giuliani
reviewed by Aslihan Unal

Education researcher Art Graesser discusses his co-authored article, Two Heads May be Better than One: Learning from Computer Agents in Conversational Trialogues. Watch and discuss this episode of The Voice on Vialogues.


Engaging with Ethical Resistance and Courageous Activism: A Response to Where Do I Fit In? Adrift in Neoliberal Educational Anti-Culture

by Catherine Hamm, John McCartin, Jeanne Marie Iorio, Brenda Lovell, Mindy Blaise, Kelly Boucher, Kirsten Agius & Nathalie Nehma
As a group of critical early childhood teacher educators, we take inspiration from a recent commentary Where Do I Fit In? Adrift in Neoliberal Educational Anti-Culture and engage with Burnís ideas of ethical resistance and courageous activism. We suggest that by "being present," we resist the ways teacher education has been reduced to a set of simple, technical skills, void of ethics and politics.

TCR Yearbooks - Call for Proposals

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record announce a call for proposals for future TCR Yearbooks.

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