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U.S. Underperformance in an International Context

by Kristie J. Rowley, Florencia Silveira, Mikaela J. Dufur & Jonathan A. Jarvis
This study examines the validity of common assumptions regarding the underperformance of poor students in the United States by comparing U.S. students to similarly situated students in similarly wealthy countries.
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Diving Into the Pool: An Analysis of Texas Community College Students’ Transfer Institution Choice Sets

by Huriya Jabbar, Eliza Epstein, Wesley Edwards & Joanna D. Sánchez
This qualitative study explores how community college students constructed their “choice sets” and made decisions about where to transfer.
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Book Reviews

Teach Truth to Power: How to Engage in Education Policy

by David R. Garcia
reviewed by Tye Ripma & David Edward DeMatthews


Survival of the Fit: How Physical Education Ensures Academic Achievement and a Healthy Life

by Daniel Fulham O'Neill
reviewed by Ashley Phelps


The Ethical Use of Data in Education: Promoting Responsible Policies and Practices

by Ellen B. Mandinach and Edith S. Gummer
reviewed by Joanna Alcruz


Publishing in TCR
To submit work to the Teachers College Record, please use our online submission system. To access the system, use the link "Submit My Work," found in the Member Center. The submission system will explain our publishing guidelines, and will allow you to upload your manuscript. Please consult the following Editorials for additional information.

Envisioning the Future of TCR

by Michelle G. Knight-Manuel
Leveraging the strengths of the journal, welcoming more inclusivity, and enhancing their digital presence animates new directions for engaging the broader national and international educational community in service of the public good.
Why Teaching American History As A Fight Against Tyranny May Help Us To Finally Have A Serious Conversation About Race
by Theodore S. Ransaw
This commentary suggests that one way to discuss race and America in the classroom is by acknowledging both the positive strides we have made fighting oppression and the negative aspects that created oppression in the first place. America’s history of fighting tyranny has a direct relationship to fighting oppression.
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