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Where’s the Race in Culturally Relevant Pedagogy?

by H. Richard Milner IV
12 recent articles between 2004-2014 were randomly selected that examined mathematics or English language arts, culturally relevant pedagogy, and race. The following interrelated questions were considered in the review synthesis: (a) What are some essential findings from the articles, (b) how is culturally relevant pedagogy operationalized and/or employed in the studies/articles, and (c) how is race examined in the studies?
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From Corporation to Community: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy In an Urban Laboratory for School Reform

by Celia Rousseau Anderson, Erika C. Bullock, Beverly Cross & Angiline Powell
In this analytic essay, the authors consider the challenges to implementing culturally relevant pedagogy in a hyper-reform urban setting. The authors use Memphis as a particular context to outline these challenges and offer a framework describing the conceptual shifts that would support culturally relevant pedagogy in this context and others like it.
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Book Reviews

The Transformation of Title IX: Regulating Gender Equality in Education

by R. Shep Melnick
reviewed by Elizabeth J. Meyer


"We Dare Say Love": Supporting Achievement in the Educational Life of Black Boys

by Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Jarvis R. Givens, & Christopher P. Chatmon (Eds.)
reviewed by Amy Samuels & Alvin Taylor


Translanguaging for Emergent Bilinguals: Inclusive Teaching in the Linguistically Diverse Classroom

by Danling Fu, Xenia Hadjioannou, & Xiaodi Zhou
reviewed by Craig Hughes & Yukari Amos


Homeschooling: The History and Philosophy of a Controversial Practice

by James G. Dwyer & Shawn F. Peters
reviewed by Milton Gaither


Transforming the Elite: Black Students and the Desegregation of Private Schools

by Michelle A. Purdy
reviewed by Jeanne M. Powers


Education researcher Alyssa Hadley Dunn discusses her article Leaving a Profession After It’s Left You: Teachers’ Public Resignation Letters as Resistance Amidst Neoliberalism. Watch and discuss this episode on Vialogues.


Getting the Most Out of Mixed-Methods Research Designs: Comment on the Mixed Methods Working Group Essay

by Adam Gamoran
This commentary is part of "Mixed Methods for Studies That Address Broad and Enduring Issues in Education Research," edited by Lois Weis, Margaret Eisenhart, and Greg J. Duncan.

TCR Yearbooks: Call for Proposals

by Gary Natriello
The editors of the Teachers College Record announce a call for proposals for yearbooks to appear in 2021 and beyond.

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